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SkySpirit Company Teaser

Looking back on writing history.

Oscillating between art, technology and innovation these art installations and technical visions of the future have been realized throughout the last years.

Magic butterflies fly poetically over the heads of the visitors. Unique in their complexity and fascinating in a poetic way at the same time. Design, conception and realization grew out of ideas that were still completely unexplored as a challenge. 

With the same amount of passion we developed them as autonomous flying Orbs, that were used in art installations all over the globe during years of elaboration and refinement. The unique technology that allows them to fly over people in shows and museums makes the flying orbs an experience for all. Even massive appearing bodies fly around seemingly weightless. Tons lifted effortlessly into the air. How is this possible? How can this heavy granit look so light and levitating? These innovations were made possible by unique technologies.

The choreographies of objects floating in the air can be transformed into any designs and constellations. In collaboration with many artists, including Studio Drift show creations were brought to life, crossing norms and stretching out the known world of gravity and physics.

With this short teaser we want to look back on some of our projects. We want to look back on a successful history full of collaborations that brought about new innovations in the fields of technology, art and education. 


Projects that we have implemented or have been part of


Teaser about some of the companies projects.
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