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+- Human Show @Roundhouse, London

London, UK
Roundhouse +/- Human Show 2017
Orbs Interacting with visitors and synchronized dancers movements

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200 hours of flight time in the Roundhouse of London.

7 orbs automated by the SkySpirit systems react on the movements of humans.
Additionally the interface to react on humans was specially designed by us and in-cooperated into the SkySpirit Track and Control system.

The spheres’ flocking behavior is determined by generative algorithms that enable them to react to their environment. The spheres will select individuals from among the crowd and respond to them through movement. Technology converges with art in this hypnotic experience.

The Performance also included professional dancers from The Royal Ballet interacting with each orb in an extraordinary show and creating a special relationship for the spectators.

Within the 3-weeks, the orbs managed to fly more than 1600 km. How incredible!

  • Date: August 2017
  • Location: Roundhouse, London, UK
  • An art creation in cooperation with Random International using our automation technology and the SkySpirit System for immersive art performances