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Awards and Exhibitions:
2008 – worldwide first under water robotic swarm installation
2009 – worldwide first autonomous flying swarm
2011 – deciphered technically bird flight
and presented as SmartBird

2011 – TED presentation: SmartBird

2012 – autonomous flying butterflies installation
2014 – installation at Lotte World, world largest indoor park
2015 – Drawing: first media-kinetic installation with our drones
interacting with the virtual
2017 – Energy installation for Opening Ceromony Expo 2017
2017 – human interactive drone swarm
2018 – largest autonomous flying art sculpture installation “Drifter”

2019 – Guinness World Record, with largest flying robotic insect

2020 – AI Blossom experiential art installation fused with education
2020 – first educational robotic kit inspired by nature and art available worldwide
2021 – Drifter exhibition, New York City, Studio Drift, At The Shed New York



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