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Marvel Avengers Show Disneyland, Paris

Paris, France
Marvel Avengers Show Disneyland
“Every season 5 daily shows and up to 5000 visitors per day”

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“With great power, comes great responsibility” citation of Uncle Ben of Spider-man.
This responsibility is shared with our SkySpirit Systems, as we bring in stunning and breathtaking effects into this 20-minute show every season.

Look at how the Avengers are controlling a car thrown at them by the bad guys!
But how does that work? Of course with the forces of the Avengers!

Since 2018 we are part of the SOSH Marvel Show at Disneyland in Paris.

The show is shown daily 5 times and the theater has a capacity of 1000 people visiting per show.

A must watch for every Marvel fan!

  • Date: July 2018 – present
  • Location: Paris, France
  • 5 Show daily, maximum 5000 people watching per day