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IAA // Mercedes Benz Media Night & Press Conference


Frankfurt, Germany
IAA Mercedes Benz Media Night & Press Conference
“First Multimedia Interactive SkyOrbs”

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Proud to be part of this show with our automation system for dirigibles!

Here the SkyOrbs are completely time synchronized with multimedia elements.

Our SkySpirit System synchronizes the SkyOrbs to projectors, laser projectors, LED screens and dancers!

The Orbs in this show creation of Andree Verleger are the crayons on the LED drawing board. They turn into flying pixels and three-dimensional control elements, tilting and rotating images.

The picture immerses into the space and becomes part of the architecture to perfectly introduce the new Mercedes Benz concept Car.

The first multimedia show with autonomous interactive drones!


The perfect way to present something astonishing!

  • Date: September 2015
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Customer: Daimler AG
  • Show Creator: Andree Verleger
  • World´s first autonomous multimedia interactive SkyOrbs