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Lotte World Adventure Indoor Theme Park, Seoul ,South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
Lotte World Adventure Indoor Theme Park
“Flying autonomous more than half a decade!”

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Lotte World Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park.
Our SkySpirit 6D Next Generation Platform is used to control autonomously flying lanterns. The lanterns are a custom designed and equipped with RGBW LEDs which are controlled individually per radio control.

The choreography of movements and lights creates a special atmosphere for this theme park.

All 16 radio-controlled flying lanterns take a 20-minute automated journey every day creating different pictures and formations as if they talk and coordinate each other.
Every movement is synchronized in time as the lanterns are combined with a show of different animals, actors, and figures which move within the theme park during the final show every day.

A must see!

  • Date: July 1st 2013 – present
  • Location: Lotte World, Seoul, Korea
  • Showtime: 7 pm