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Complete In-House Solutions

SkySpirit provides complete in-house solutions.

The endless thirst for knowledge makes the in house competency cluster of SkySpirit unique.

SkySpirit has a very broad spectrum of know-how in different fields.
We are therefore able to provide project management and execution completely in-house on a single source principle. This broad internal know-how enhances our execution speed, saves the dependency of output from third parties and brings us faster to our aimed goal.

Project Management
  • Conception and Initiation
  • Definition and Planning
  • Launch and Execution
  • Performance and Control
  • Project Close
Technical In-House Expertise
  • case studies, research
  • embedded systems engineering
  • software engineering
  • computer vision
  • 6D motion tracking
  • robotics
  • 3D constructions
  • rapid prototyping
Business Fields
  • Research and development
  • Industrial solutions
  • Educational solutions
  • Art  & Entertainment solutions

Are you looking for a reliable, fast and cost-effective solution?

We can provide you with innovative solutions in different fields, all in house or have the right partners on board!