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We create our own customized objects for flying, driving or stationary effects.


Our DronoBots – Drones and Robots!


DronObots are classified into three categories
  1. Flying platform
    – The objects fill the stage of the air in a unique way controlled by our SkySpirit System.
    – They can be any voluminous shaped object
    – They can be customized decorated, be it your logo or something artistic
    – Light effects through RGBW LED’s onboard
  2. Driving platform
    – This is a moving robotic platform
    – They can be decorated as per customer specification
    – They can carry custom design with them for
    – Different sizes of moving robotic platforms available
  3. Stationary platform
    – This platform can be any shape or design
    – They are customized with our embedded systems
    – They interact with the user or other gadgets
    – interactive effects, experience effects
    – for example, an interactive wall composed of objects
  4.  Designs your ideas
      – various design possibilities depending on your expectations can be created.


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Do you have a specific object in mind?
Let us know! We will guide and build them for you! 

Ecstatic, Elegant, Unique or just Cool!