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Who´s behind JNTec


Kristof Jebens the CTO of JNTec.


JNTec has specialized expertise in robotics, embedded systems, image processing, and rapid prototyping

Robotics and App Development: : JNTec provides solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensor fusion, control algorithms, and autonomy.

Embedded Systems: JNTec provides in house embedded systems solutions, whether watertight or ultralight. We use the latest processors and sensors.

Image Processing: We provide a software translation between the human visual system and digital imaging devices. Extracting exactly the data required for further processing.

Fast Prototyping: We provide 3D constructions if required for the project. With our 3D printer we are thus able to provide fast solutions. We have all necessary equipment for the requirements of prototypical embedded solutions. Embedded and electronic designs can thus be tested within a short time frame before going into series.