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AI Phyllotaxis

When big flowers and small flowers are interactive

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This installation is an interplay of emotions – A natural symbiosis brought to life by technology.

A room is illuminated by the symbiosis of large and small flowers that interact with each other. They awaken in a magical way, captivating the observer. How can the grand orbs fly, how do they lift themselves so effortlessly into the air? The design of the choreography, adapted to the space and environment in which they are to fly, can soar to it breathtaking heights.

Flying objects that hover over the visitors can land in the kinetic landing stations and fly an individual choreography.

They fly, first alone, and signal another Orb, enabling it in a magical way. When the big one engages the small one, an eruption of emotions occurs in the field of flowers. Like a wave, the kinetic flowers play with the orbs that seemed to touch them and influence their opening. Like a huge flower, the installation opens and reveals its beauty. The orbs can also fade into the background, leaving the smaller flowers to capture the visitors’ attention and fascination.

The AI Blossom Show with Wall installation. Everything autonomous choreographed.

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