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Orb Laser

A fantastic combination between flying Orbs and Laser

The sixteen autonomous orbs float into the light of the lasers, interrupt the visual monotony and magically control the play of light. 

The joy the human being feels when it sees new technologies in harmony with nature goes beyond logic. It is an art form that uses the use of new technologies to inspire visitors beyond their known horizons. The suspension, the lightness, the mystical – longs to captivate everyone. 


Our choreographed flying orbs are interacting with the coordinated lasers and give the spectator a breathtaking moment.

Observation and comprehension of the installation cannot provide a perfect insight into what is happening. The visitor remains in the dark as to how the technology works. But isn’t that what our world is all about? That there is so much we still don’t understand and explore? Our future is uncertain and this thought is implied by the magic of this installation. 


When orbs and beamed visuals are combined a beautiful show is expected. 

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