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AI Crystal

AI Crystals Autonomous Installation

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The immersion into another dimension. When magic meets physics.

The crystal installation is a vision that will go beyond the scope of autonomous flight installation. Actual flying objects will be connected with media kinetic art. The flying objects will blur the boundaries between art and autonomous flight, and fascinate the users. The art object is an independent performance, including the technical implementation and conception


The crystals can fly autonomous choreographies and synchronously to music. 

This installation tells a story about the boundaries between reality and virtual space. The flying and hovering, nowadays still seen in many sci-fi and virtual reality, is brought into the tangible here and now. No longer in the digital space, but in the analouge the visitor becomes part of the installation. Walking through and experiencing it at first hand the objects can immerse into the sky. No longer online but offline, futuristic vision becomes true.

The AI Blossom Show with crystal installation. Everything autonomous choreographed.

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