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Who´s behind SkySpirit


Agalya Jebens CEO of SkySpirit.



The fusion of high-tech innovation, art and science are Agalya’s trademark. Her works are innovative, artistic and usually inspired by nature.

These experiential and immersive creations do not only magically rise into the sky but are intelligent and interact with the perceiver.

Her innovative yet aesthetic designs are worldwide unique. She emphasizes her work into a symbiosis of art, technology and education!

„I constantly challenge the status quo and push boundaries to make
the impossible possible! Yet the desire to pass my know-how gained over
so many years, has motivated me to bring my work further into an
educational aspect aiming at creating awareness about various topics.“

Education through art!
Immersive, experiential and accessible for everyone!“

Immersive and Experiential Art Creations

Seeing things in a different way requires to be open to existing paths, but also the courage to step into a new direction.

The head behind SKYSPIRIT is a strong team of people who analyzes the occurrences from a different perspective.

Inspired by nature, we use our creativity and our ability to break down the complex into something simpler!

Our approaches are modular and adaptable.
After a decade of gaining experience, you find our solutions in various fields.

SKYSPIRIT System for the creation of experiences!

Incredible – Interactive – Artistic and Fascinating Experiences

A journey beyond the horizon…

The creation of an artform in different ways to inspire humankind has always been a goal of SKYSPIRIT.

Whether it is magical, stunning, ecstatic, incredible, unbelievable or taking off into the sky…

Choreographed customized and autonomous objects on land, in the air and on the water is the core strength of the SKYSPIRIT System.

In addition, we support or offer you complete show concepts involving our DronoBots aiming at an unforgettable event and experience.

For large scale events, we cooperate with leading multimedia show creators and artists for the conception, creation, and execution of a show.
Additional multimedia show elements can be organized.

To expand our possibilities we also cooperate with professional dancers and choreographers.
Dancers interact with SKYSPIRIT autonomous show
objects to round up the effects.

SKYSPIRIT System is an ultimate 6D Next Generation System. The in house System is a universal and modular platform, that enables objects in water, land and in the air to be tracked and precisely controlled in an artistic way.

Our SKYSPIRIT System can be synchronized to

  • autonomous control of multiple objects
  • choreography of various elements and objects
  • human movements
  • onboard light effects
  • projectors and moving lights
  • musical movements
  • video effects
  • projections on objects
  • timecode compatible

Thereby creating fascinating shows, interactivity, and artistic experiences!


  • first and only system worldwide that controls objects on land, water and in the air
  • control a swarm of objects
  • adaptable to different objects
  • huge coverage
  • remarkable show experience
Based on your requirements, you can buy or rent our complete systems!



How would the world be, if knowledge was not passed on?

SKYSPIRIT-Education brings know-how right back to the roots!
Educational kits inspired by nature.

Thereby creating an educational opportunity to build up a strong foundation for a better future!

As a collaborating partner of Festo Didactic, we are honored to announce that through this cooperation we now design educational kits inspired by nature.

Bionics is one core know-how of SKYSPIRIT but also the technology of the future.

Our 5 Keys for a successful learning environment
Learning through fun
Education fields in STEAM
Attractive design
Reducing complexity stepwise to simplicity
Nature-inspired models

Simplicity instead of complexity!