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Aircraft Inspection Bot

Inspection Bot monitoring Aircrafts for defects at a Flight Hanger

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About the vision

SkySpirits work is all about bringing visions of the future to life. We not only work out the innovative concepts, but are the mind behind the technical implementation for a wide variety of projects. That’s why we are passionate about tackling new tasks and facing new challenges every day. 

One of them is the way to think about security audits in a modern and contemporary way. Flying orbs equipped with modern technology and sensors can check safety defects in detail. The project uses the latest technology to minimize the effort and risk for employees, while ensuring precise and accurate work. The thoroughness and reliability of contemporary scan apperaturas allows it to work at a higher level. Even otherwise inaccessible areas of the surface to be inspired can be checked without any problems – without danger to the object or people. Autonomous charging of the flying orbs, hold low maintenance costs and an easy interaction.

  • Autonomous flying drone
  • Inspect areas difficult to reach
  • Or sensitive materials
  • On board sensors such as cameras
  • Retrieving data of objects or scenarios
  • Analysis of data and feedback in real time for example by change of orb colour or info via app/cloud
  • InspectionBot can be your assistant or collaborating robot


  • Making work safer and more accurate
  • Newest technology implemented
  • Precise and accurate work
  • Autonomous charging
  • Let’s bring the future into the now


Flight Hanger Scene with Inspection Bot fully autonomous.

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