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Autonomous flying gripping sphere

An autonomous flying gripper, which can navigate around a wide-open 3D space.

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Flying assistance system for handling in mid-air
The handling system consists of an ultra-light carbon ring with eight adaptive propellers.

In the middle of the ring sits a rotatable helium ball with an integrated gripping element.
As a result, both man and machine can interact with each other easily and safely, opening up entirely new possibilities for the workplace of the future.

In this future, people could be supported by the spheres, using them as a flying assistance system – for example, when working at giddying heights or in hard-to-access areas.

Using an onboard camera fitted with image recognition, objects can be recognized and autonomously gripped by the FreeMotionHandling assistant.

No pilot is required to control the flying object. The sphere is coordinated externally by an indoor GPS, which has already been tried and tested on the eMotionSpheres and eMotionButterflies.
In addition, the handling unit features two on-board cameras which monitor its surroundings, reacting to its environment even during the gripping process. Upon nearing the object to be gripped, the system takes over route planning, using the twin cameras for coordination.

SkySpirit in cooperation with JNTec provides all camera tracking and embedded systems onboard and programming for the FreeMotionHandling assistant.

  • Initially shown on April 2016 at the Hannover Fair for Festo.