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Bionik Kit 1

Education right from the roots!

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In cooperation with Festo SE, we have created a bionic education concept for young people intending to get them excited about biologically inspired engineering.
STEAMScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
The Bionik Kit 1 is a set with which you can create 3 different types of animals.
Since the projects from the learning kit are again completely disassembled into the respective individual components, three bionic-inspired models can be realized from a modular system.

• Bionic elephant’s trunk

• Bionic fish model

• Bionic chameleon claw

A kit can be worked on together by up to four students. These include small servomotors, compatible electronics, and mechanical components (for example, from the 3D printer) or plastic elements such as Fin Ray® structures.
All bionic objects are powered by the servo motor and controlled by a micro-controller. Detailed instructions allow students to design their own created animal robots for easy control via smartphones, tablets or computers.

A product of Festo SE