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BionicOpter, Festo Germany

A highly complex yet elegant flying object – a dragonfly.

A total of 8 servo actuators and one main motor to control the flight of the BionicOpter is controlled by our onboard embedded system.

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The control system behind this flying genius is unparalleled. We have never seen such a complex flying machine that can be controlled by a human to stable hover in the air and use 4 wings.


In addition to controlling the common beat frequency and twisting the individual wings, amplitude control is used in each of the four wings. The pivoting of the wings determines the thrust direction. Amplitude control can be used to regulate the amount of thrust. In combination, the remote-controlled dragonfly can take virtually every orientation in space.

Initially shown for the Hanover Fair for our Bionik Learning Network Partner Festo AG. Maybe you have seen it around the world in various presentations.

JNTec developed the electronics and control system along with the embedded programming for this one in a kind flying robot.