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AI Blossom For Unity

AI Blossom Art Installation

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This is a performative installation. An experience!

This art performance wants to raise awareness about urgent problems of our time. We live in an age, where prejudices and divisions still occur in our everyday life – anywhere around the globe, no matter the location or background. Separations and distinctions between cultures, origins and backgrounds, are still deeply embedded in society. This art installation draws attention to the fact that this must change. It is about cohesion and unification, which is brought to life through poetry and magic. Artificial intelligence processes data from our environment and makes a diverse flower field bloom in a magical way. In a formation that symbolizes cohesion and interpersonal connections. Even though they are separate entities, they unite into this playful, strong collective – simple, yet magical.

“I myself have experienced the prejudices that still prevail in society. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, one of whom told me when she was only three and a half years old that she wanted to have white skin. When I first tried to play it off, I realized the extent of discrimination and prejudice that my daughter had to withstand even already in nursery. The other children didn’t want to play with her because she had darker skin. Of course, a lot is being done to combat prejudice and injustice against other cultures – but this experience made me aware and shocked of how much it is already anchored in society.” 

– A mother talking about how her daughter had to experience racism at a very early age.

  • If you are an ethnic minority person, you are still more likely to live in poverty.  Our evidence shows that 35.7 per cent of ethnic minorities were more likely to live in poverty compared with 17.2 per cent of White people.

  • Black workers with degrees earn 23.1 per cent less on average than White workers.

  • Just 6 per cent of Black school leavers attended a Russell Group university, compared with 11 per cent of White school leavers.

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As these facts show, prejudices are still deeply anchored in the minds of people. Why is a child already excluded in nursery, because it has a different skin color? The dark is associated with something negative, with dirt or impurity. The white on the contrary. But what if the white was on a dark background, would it be the impure? Why is the drak when placed on a white surface recognized as dirt, but on black surfaces the light is not recognized as impure?


I want to question:

  • Does unity always mean uniformity?

  • Do we see ourselves as individual entities or as part of a collective?

Let’s raise awareness about this injustice and prejudices through this work of art. AI Blossom for Unity enhances alliances between differences. Any background will unite in a magical performance. Therefore AI Blossom for Unity contributes to reflect about current challenges like prejudices and inequality. The interactive installation invites the observer to experience the spirit when two or more forms are united. Two AI Blossom series are united into an interactive and poetic ensemble, that is dedicated to anyone experiencing racism and inequality, even at very young age.


35 AI Blossoms, beamed visuals


Let’s unite in a strong and playful installation!

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