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6D Motion Capture System

Our Company provides an in house developed modular and precise motion capture system.

This system can track any objects in small and very large environments.

Whether you want to track
  • human motion
  • industrial robots
  • tools
  • our designed DRONOBOTS (customized DRONes or rOBOTS in the air, land, and water)
  • and all of their movements

One of the biggest advantages is, that we can provide fully customized solutions. All software, hardware, and electronic components can be fully altered to fit your needs.

We make the impossible possible for you!

Why choose our 6D Motion Capture System
  • millimeter tracking accuracy
  • adaptable to different requirements
  • adaptable to different objects
  • huge coverage – up to 100 meters distance to the cameras!
  • low latency
  • ultralight markers
  • automated and fast calibration
  • no interference with other illumination
  • no interference with other systems
  • own data exchange protocol
  • planning of a choreography
  • compatibility with other multimedia systems

Do you have a great idea, involving any of the above-mentioned purposes or all of them?

Our SkySpirit System is the right platform for you!

We can provide solutions for your ideas and guide you on how to incorporate SkySpirit into your events or company!

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